Friday, March 13, 2009

valentines day

Our family is hit or miss when it comes to days like February 14th. Sometimes we celebrate, sometimes we don't. This Valentine's Day we had a good time celebrating.

We began several days before by having four kids from one family over and two with their mom from another. We had a blast. 10 kids 8 and under with Cutzi and me as the authority figures. We sang songs together (which all of the kids LOVED!), we made treats dipping pretzels into melted chocolate and decorating with sprinkles, shared lunch, played lots and lots, and made paper crafty valentines. Lots of laughs and fun but no pictures! It kills me that I did not even take one picture. I guess that is the thing that had to go taking care of ten kids ages 8 to 11 months!

On the 14th we got things started by giving the kids Spiderman (a current fav around here) valentines and punching balloons which I had picked up at the dollar store. The kids thought these gifts were the greatest thing ever!

Mike treated us all to his fabulous banana-blueberry pancakes (and of course we sang Jack Johnson). Yummy, he always makes the best breakfasts (and I make good coffee)!

Later that morning we headed over to Hovander for a chilly walk and visit to the playground. We all really enjoyed ourselves and most of all enjoyed spending time together. Especially after the time we have had apart due to Mike's travel lately.

We've studied the history of the holiday. We know we are not celebrating the pagan Lupercalia and we discussed the reason Roman Christian's chose to begin the tradition of remembering Christian martyrs and especially Saint Valentine on this day. But most of all we just enjoyed the sweet gift the Lord has given us in one another!


Stacy said...

So cute, those pictures. I love the second picture-- of Ava. Well, her cheeks. :) Adorable.
And thanks again for having my troop of kids over for Valentines festivities!

Joyce said...

Congrats to the chef. Those pancakes look great. :)

Anonymous said...

That picture of Ethan hanging from that fence is unbelievably adorable. Nice work!

-Aunt Helen