Tuesday, March 17, 2009

luke's reading list

Luke has enjoyed some really great books lately. Here he is during one morning's reading practice.

One of the books we really enjoyed reading was, "Ruby Bridges" by Robert Coles. What a wonderful picture book this was, teaching us the story of Ruby who was one of the first four black six year olds to be sent to an "all white" school. My kids were incredulous that this sort of injustice happened in a place that in Aidan's words "probably had at least one Christian." Luke really liked that Ruby who was the same age as him was wise enough to pray for the people in the mob outside the school who were mean to her.

After reading about Ruby Bridges Luke moved on to his reader. Today it was "Black Flag" a wonderful story about a preacher named Cotton Mather who implored a group of buccaneers to repent of their sins and call out to God prior to being hanged. Luke loved this book and he did a great job reading it. My favorite thing about the stage Luke is at as far as reading ability goes is that as he hits challenging words which require extra work sounding out he gets louder and louder. By the time is finished with a paragraph he is practically yelling! Little sweetie.

The third book we read this week is "Wait For Me, Watch For Me Eula Bee." What an amazing story this has been! Recommended by good friends, Eula Bee as we call it has been one of Luke's favorite read alouds. This book about a family whose settlement is raided by Indians during the civil war has had us all on the edge of our seats. Luke will stop me many times to talk about our emotions during it, "Aren't you scared momma?" Or "Isn't that so sad momma?" as I am trying to read through tears.

It is so rewarding to sit beside my kids as they cuddle close and read them good books. Almost always the rest of the day is filled with discussion about ways in which the books we have read relate to our days and our worldview.

And this cuddly guy is one of my favorite people to listen to read and to read to, I don't want to ever forget how special are these school days.


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Ugh, I needed to hear that this reading thing will look up soon. One of my twins is going to make me LOSE MY MIND with the "learning how to read." It's like he's never heard or used the word "the" before. :-) I'll look into the books, though... for later.

Rebecca M said...

I'm putting these on our library holds list right now.

I absolutely love that reading can almost always equal learning at our house (and yours too!). Thanks for the reccomendations of some great books to try out with our boys, Amy!

McJason's said...

You guys take the most amazing pictures! I always love looking at your photography, and what great looking little "subjects" you have, too:).

Stacy said...

we loved that ruby bridges book, too.
and you know we loved eula bee. :)

but we especially love LUKE!!!
(and ava with the goggles!)

Al said...

i was wondering if Ava was wearing prescription reading swim goggles...

Mike said...

Not prescription, but I do believe that somewhere there is a super hero without his special eye protection

(see the previous post a while back about heros for evidence)

amy said...

Thanks guys!

Lora Lynn, I hear what you are saying! While I have only taught two to read so far, we hit that "ceiling" both times. It feels like they go backwards a bit. And with Aidan and Luke the challenges were different (lack of diligence with one and lack of patience with himself for another). Both times our solution was the same and I think it helped us until we "broke through." And that is to do less at a time. So if we were reading 12 pages each time we did "reading practice" I would cut it in half and then down to two if it was still getting us both frustrated.

Also, for us it makes a big difference if they are interested in the story. Meaning we needed to read lots of war/battle stories not just phonics lists.