Tuesday, February 24, 2009

super heros

It all started with our weekly visit to the library. Aidan wanted to find some new Star Wars books because ever since we watched the original Star Wars while we were in Whistler it had been a passion around here. Well, while looking for Star Wars books, Luke found a book of superhero comics.

Once we were home and everyone began delving into the books we brought home, the superhero book quickly became a favorite. Later that week, I had the idea to show them the Superman movie from 1978 since it is on Netflix Watch Instantly. It was amazing how instantaneously the passions around here shifted. The next morning Aidan was Spiderman, Luke Superman and Ethan: the flash. And they have been superheros ever since.

And what fun is it playing a superhero with making some modifications. You see, Batman doesn't really have any powers to speak of which makes him not nearly as fun to "be". But, (and this is a big deal) Batman is the only one with a utility belt. Well, what's to stop every hero from having a utility belt.

You see, a utility belt allows you to integrate toys from other genres and past passions into the current passion. You'd be surprised at the things you find on a typical utility belt.

At one point, Aidan proclaimed to me that he was "Aidan-Man". Yes, he really did. You see Aidan-Man has all the powers of Superman and Spiderman but without the pesky kryptonite weakness.

It has been a lot of fun to explain to The Flash that he needs to save the world by cleaning his room, to implore Spiderman to treat the other citizens with kindness and to ask Superman to carry a heavy load for me.


Jodi said...

Your kids are absolutely TOO cute. You guys make me want to have about twelve more boys.

McJason's said...

What vivid imaginations:)...too cute!

Anonymous said...

You can just see in his eyes how seriously Aidan takes his super hero role. VERY fun post!

Hey, I want a utility belt........

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Some intense facial expressions there! So the very last picture with Luke holding Ava made me do a double-take. With those glasses on, he totally looks like Mike as a little boy!

-Aunt Helen

Rebecca M said...

You know I love your super heroes, and their belts- their duplicates are here living in my house.

Mercy's comment was:

"A little blue potty!"

Kamille said...

Tell Luke that the goggles make the outfit for sure.