Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ava & the chickens

Ava loves chickens. She has a stuffed chicken (from the Boynton books which we all love) who she is often seen playing with, carrying around or bringing to bed.

I think this love was sparked last spring when we got baby chicks. She was at just the right age to be forever changed by the little balls of fluff in our garage.

Often when I get Ava out of bed she explains to me that she could hear the chickens (she means the rooster) in her bed. And every time --EVERY TIME!-- we drive away from home she calls out, "bye chickens" and every time we pull up to the house she greets them with "hi chickens."

Ava loves chickens.

1 comment:

Kamille said...

I especially like the middle photo of her kissing her chicken, or is she having a conversation with it? It's super cute that she always says bye and hi as well.