Thursday, May 21, 2009

some pictures from the park

I'm still going through the pictures from the Hawaii trip, so y'all are just gonna have to wait for that.

But here are some pictures from our time in the park with some friends. It was really sunny but we got a few nice shots. Some really good ones of some other people's kids but Amy thinks that we shouldn't put other folks' kids on the internet without their permission. Which is a shame cause they were great pictures.


Stacy said...

Hi cute Ethan and Ava! I miss you!!!!

And- goodness! Look at Ava's hair and how long it's getting! LOVE.IT.

Rachael said...

Adorable pictures! I don't know if you remember us, but we (Joe & Rachael V) attended BURC and left around the same time you started visiting. Just thought I'd introduce myself before I make a comment on your blog :) I'm just curious what kind of camera you have because I hope to some day buy a nice dslr myself. You guys have an adorable family! (if you don't remember us ask Pastor K :)

Mike said...

Rachael, yes I remember you guys. You moved out East to teach or something if I remember correctly. Anyway, nice to hear from you. I like taking pictures of my family too; I share your opinion regarding their adorableness :)

I use a Canon 5D. It's outdated a bit but can still be found used. The key in a dslr is the lens you use. There is lots of free training available on the internet.

Costco has great deals on starter kits.

KAMILLE said...

these are really great! Your kids are so beautiful.

Rachael said...

Can I ask what type of lens(es) you use? Also, do you have any specific sites I should go to for training online? What type of lenses does Cosco carry - if you know off hand?
You can always email me at so we don't have to keep talking on your blog. Thanks for the info! I appreciate it!