Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day

We celebrated all the moms today. An expectant mother and I prepared some grub. For the curious, it was fruit salad, crustless quiche, and a failed attempt at Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls.

We all put on our Sunday best. Well I guess we already had them on. We'll delegate Ava as the representative for "Sunday best" for obvious reasons.

My mom and me.

Both Grandmas and Ava.

See if you can spot the resemblance in this triple generation picture. Honestly I'm too close to these people and I can't see the resemblance at all.

Grandma D brings 62 years of life experience to her trampoline moves. That's some pretty decent air.


Cutzi said...

Man, I love that Grandma D. And everybody else too... but especially Grandma D. ;-)

And what happened to the cinnamon rolls?! I know you guys have made them before - failed cinnamon rolls are a definite bummer on Mother's Day.

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

What happened to the rolls?

Love Ava's eyes.

Mike said...

The rolls...

We've made them before with great results. In fact, the great thing was that the dough turned out perfect when made exactly as described. Well, this time we found out we were out of flour after the first step. So we added the flour about a 1/2 hour or more too late. Apparently this fubars the whole recipe because now, even though we added the right amount of flour, the dough was way sticky. So we added more and more and more and still more and it just never got perfect. But we just made them anyway.

Then, when you cook sticky dough I guess it doesn't cook the same way, so when the tops of the rolls were golden brown, the bottoms were like raw dough mixed with sugar and butter. Of course you don't ever find *this* out until you have already iced them and sit down to sample one of these enticing things when they are still warm.

So then you just pack them up and cook them at 350 until you are sure they are done because you don't want to have a repeat experience of that. Cooked icing looks bad, they get dried out, just meh all around.

They are edible and not horrible, but definitely not worth the [ridiculously high] calories. I won't maintain my girlish figure munching on these and it's not worth the sacrifice. To the kids (and chickens) they go...

amy said...

Wow. I know I am pregnant and all but could I look any chubbier?

Mike! Only post good pictures of me!

Stacy said...

Amy, you look great. It was my first thought at that in-the-kitchen photo.

Oh NO! about the "failed attempt".

Ava- PIGTAILS!!! (Super cute, Ame!)

Love you all.
Happy Mother's Day to one of my favorite (and one of the best) mothers!

KAMILLE said...

Amy you look beautiful pregnant mama. As for the three generations I think they all resemble one another, but it's not like they all have the same eyes or nose, but it's a resemblance thing. I can see it. Also, Mike your mom is pretty stinkin' cool to be jumping on the trampoline and I feel like it makes me understand you a bit better. What a great grandma she must be.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful day. I love the pictures of my little girl!

-Aunt Helen

Joyce said...

Yay for your mom, Mike!
Ava is so cute, and really growing up so fast.