Monday, May 11, 2009

carpe photoshoot

The other day, in between seeing our friends dedicate their precious kiddos, we seized a rare moment where (1) everyone was dressed relatively nice, (2) the weather was nice, (3) we were near a very scenic location and (4) I happened to have my camera and the right lenses.

And we captured evidence of this phenomenon on that aforementioned camera.

The cherry blossoms made for great background for my pretty girls.

Then I turned the camera loose on some goofball boys.

I did not direct these poses. Getting them to all look right for a picture is a lot like herding cats.

Except for my Lukers. He is happy to strike a pose. He likes the camera.

And I think the camera likes him too.


Cutzi said...

Beautiful photos! And yes - that Lukers - he sure is handsome!

Stacy said...

So handsome, Luke is.

And I love the goofy shot. Especially Ethan's look.

And yes, your girls are beautiful! :)

Teresa said...

Great pictures!

Rebecca M said...

So purty and handsome you all are!

KAMILLE said...

Those are definitely gorgeous photos. I really like the picture of Amy & Ava with the cherry blossoms as the background.

Jodi said...

Great pictures! You've inspired me to go outside and play with my depth of field.