Friday, January 21, 2011

justus 1.5

He's so peaceful when he wakes up, when he has his precious thumb

When he wants to turn on the charm, there's plenty to go around.

This is what his face looked like after a weekend with Dad. He plows through life with a good amount of reckless abandon.


Yes, that is a hot pepper in his hand and he was eating it.  Don't even think about taking it away from him.  A hard thing about Justus is that as much as he might love whatever he's doing (taking a bath, eating rocks, writing on furniture with permanent maker, etc), the expression of his disdain for concluding said activity dwarfs that love in duration and intensity.

J-Bear always has a smile for the camera. 

And some piercing blues to draw you in. 

Can you smell what Justus is cooking? 


Carolynn said...

Love it! He is so cute! Miss you my friend.

Jamie~ Lynn said...

He is SO cute!