Friday, January 14, 2011

on any given afternoon

{I am not going to be cliché and mention anything about how long it has been since we have posted anything on this blog.}

Walking through my house on any basic afternoon, this is what I find.

Open books. 


Someone is in the middle of reading these books.  (I only have three readers currently but I have around ten open books in my house.) 

On the one hand I love it.  Hey they are reading. 
On the other hand, I really like a tidy home and I do not see how this is going to possible in the future when I have five readers times several books being read multiplied by "I can't risk putting it back on the shelf or finding a bookmark".


Anonymous said...

Books kill people. BE CAREFUL, Hollisters!

Lynnie Ha said...

you could designate one little counter for 'current reads' and stack them there when tidying; but always at hand for the readers :)

Mike said...

Wow I didn't even know this blog was active!