Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Aidan and Luke are really into hunting lately.  I love it.  They are outside, getting exercise, being manly.
They are however 8 and 10 so they need a safer version than what one might normally think of as hunting.

They dress in snow gear (because our yard is a mud pit), grab a BB gun (we now have more than just the pink one), some ammo and head out.  Most of the time they walk around looking for birds, rabbits, voles, or a coyote would make them very happy.  One day they came up with the idea of setting up a "blind." 
Here is Luke behind the blind waiting for dinner to come walking up.  Notice the strategic placement near the bird feeder.

I am so thankful that they have not yet actually killed anything.  We don't hunt for sport alone and I really am not looking forward to whatever meal they bring home...


Jamie~ Lynn said...

Oh, I love this one! My mom used to have to fry up all sorts of interesting game... because 'you don't kill just to kill... you have to eat what you kill'!:) Sometimes I think she regretted this rule!

Nick said...

Possum pie, anyone?
Papa says sparrows are ok fried with lots of pepper!
(Nick continues to wax eloquent about boiling coyote and roasting feline, and mockingbird for dessert in pie ...... Just remember that he does not cook :)
I keep up with your blog, just learned how to post

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Is that thing a trampoline? I've never seen one like that. It seems like my kids might be less likely to kill themselves on it. Tell me more???

Mike said...

Lora Lynn,

Yes and it's wonderful. We ordered it from Costco a couple years ago. It was about $800 or so. The safety net is integrated into the thing and the boucy surface goes all the way to the edge. Supposedly they aren't quite a bouncy as the traditional kind w/ springs, but it's been plenty bouncy enough for us.

Probably one of the best purchaes we've ever made in terms of time spent with it vs dollars spent on it.