Saturday, January 17, 2009

our last Christmas tradition of the year

The next Saturday we were finally (our family's stomach flu & the weather got in the way a lot) able to have our annual Christmas get together with these dear friends.
Every year we order take out (in lieu of an adult gift exchange), exchange gifts with the kids, put them to bed and then play games as adults. Everyone always enjoys this get together immensely.
This year we choose Greek food for the adults and pizza for the kids. Here were are getting ready to eat (not yet Ava!).
And here we all are gathered around the table. I am amazed that we got this shot! We have Aidan (8), Ella (7), Luke (6), Isaac (5), Ethan (4), Isaias (3), Ava (2), Adelia (11 months), Stacy's baby (due Feb. 19), my baby (due June 29th), and the four adults. What a fun group!
Mike had just bought a new gadget for his camera that allows him to set the camera on the tri-pod and take pictures with a remote. We were able to get some fun ones this way. Here we are exchanging gifts. Ava is walking over to thank Stacy for the super cute crayon pouch that Stacy made.
Isn't Stacy's home so warm and inviting! Here are Isaac and I being silly with the camera, I like how we are transparent.
Ella, Luke, Ethan, and Isaias.
These kids have been around each other their entire lives. Such rich history and community (of course everyone knows Stacy & I have been friends since 6th grade, I was there when Mark met Stacy & we both were a part of one anothers weddings).
After exchanging and enjoying gifts & dessert, everyone got into jammies (just the kids) and Stacy read a story to all the non-babies.
I love that I have a million pictures like this from over the years. The kids enthrawled while Stacy reads a story.
After stories, we set the kids up with a video (they choose Old Yeller) and we (well Mike) made margaritas.
It was virgin drinks for the pregnant ladies this time. We ate yummy snacks and played a rousing game which Mark won (of course).
I wish I would have taken a picture of the kids sleeping downstairs, they were so cute. The only complaint I heard was the next morning when the kids were upset to find out we had taken them home in the "middle" of the night.
Next year it will only be more fun with two more babies!


Stacy said...

What fun pictures!!! [Great job, Mike!] Our kids love the transparent Auntie Amy & Isaac photo.

And wow- it's really something to see our kids' names and ages all listed like that. We really do have that alternating-year thing going! Sheesh! :) We are so changing things up with these new babies.

We sure love your family!

Mark said...

We sure had a great time with you all as well. I am not quite sure what you mean by "Mark won (of course)". If my memory serves me correctly, I usually lose miserably whenever we play Settlers together. I'm glad we changed the game this time around.

Hope we can find more times to spend together as families this coming year.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It is crazy to see everybody sitting around the table like that and then to think that there are two more on the way! You guys will have some full houses. Pretty exciting stuff.

-Aunt Helen

amy said...

Mark. I said that because I wanted everybody to know what a game wizard you are. It is my feeling that over the years you have proven yourself to be the master of every game.
But I will be happy to prove my perception wrong by kicking your butt soon!