Friday, January 16, 2009

new year's eve

We spent New Year's Eve with these dear friends. Due to illness on our part, this was our first opportunity to have a Christmas celebration with them. We shared a delicious dinner and then got the party started.
We "counted down" the new year (at 8 pm) and let off some noise makers, the kids loved it.
After the fun of letting off the noise, we all got up and had a impromptu dance party. To the tune of "Ol' Bamboo" from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."
Once we all calmed down from this, we put the kids to bed and the adults enjoyed dessert while playing games together. Here are some cute pictures of Steele and Adia "sleeping" in our room.
These two are so cute. They giggled for a while with Adia calling out "good night Mr. H" (only she said the full name) it was so cute. Soon after, they slept soundly. We love these times when we get together.


Stacy said...

You were "all" dancing?!?!

I just see the mamas and the kids!

Cute pics!

amy said...

You see it right.
Justin! Mike! Where were you?!

Mike said...

Um. Taking the picture?