Tuesday, March 23, 2010

all five kids

A few months ago, someone asked us to send her a picture of all five kids together. We couldn't comply because we had not ONE picture of all five kids! Crazy. Justus was 8 months old and we had lots of pictures of different combos of the crew but none of all five.

While on a walk last month we took a few. They are not dressed exactly how I want, they are not all giving their best smile or anything but at least they are all in the picture! I guess it is a little indicative of life right now. We are enjoying one another; feeding, clothing & bathing the kids, reading and schooling, sometimes cleaning the house but peripheral things like getting a picture with everyone in it has been put aside for a while.


McJason's said...

Beautiful pictures! I have tried to get an "ok" picture of our crew, too, but I can't seem to get them to sit still long enough. :)

Cutzi said...

Love the pictures. Love the kids. Love the parents.

Stacy said...

YAY! All five Hollister kids!
I miss them so much and am giddy that we finally get to see you guys tomorrow!

Robert said...

Ack. Aidan! You look so grown up in that second picture. That's the only thing I don't like about these shots. No more growing up you guys!

I love how they are all sitting on the fence post.

We had fun today looking at your 30 gazillion chicks in your picture today!

Anonymous said...

As always.....gorgeous pics of your gorgeous kids!! They are growing up right before my eyes.